Friday, February 26, 2010

Dress Me

My Picks For New Dresses

Golden moonflowers spill across the knotted sweetheart bodice of Tibi's heathered mini dress, collecting at the subtly bubbled hem.

Whispering winds waft through eve-blooming wildflowers on a sheer layer of chiffon and lace. By Anna Sui for Anthropologie.

As eyelet vines navigate the hemline and bodice of Moulinette Soeurs' navy voile dress, a printed silk sash winds the waist and straps crisscross the back.

I love Retro Feeling Pieces! I want This!!

Ruffled trim, a kicky hem and a scalloped back are just a few of the lush vintage accents on Girls from Savoy's 40s-inspired crepe de chine shift.

Ruffled tiers of diaphanous silk, so soft and fluttery they might just lift you up and away. By Burlapp

Another dress I want desprately for spring occasions

Bayan Dress $188.00
Tiers of teal-tinged chiffon fold into myriad sharp accordion pleats, as satin ribbon cinches the waist and trims the straps. By Girls from Savoy.

Any Of these catch your eyes as well?


Tien said...

I love the Drifting By Dress so much so that I ordered it online with the free shipping promo. I couldn't resist even though I am supposed to be saving money for my vacation in April!

Anonymous said...

Well, up-to-date,I love the Caballo Fall dress the most. It is by Lil and I love every thing made by Lil. I loved the Bayan Dress also, but that was on Monday, before the new catalog release. I say the same thing about the Pictureshow dress last month. Am I a true addict to Anthro or not? (smile)

I am so glad that you have been having a good time. I am in the lurking zone but it does not mean I do not read your posts. Thank you for posting.

Kim said...

I too am so insane over the Drifting By Dress I ordered it - it's going to be my 30th bday party dress!
Check out Roxy's review of the Pictureshow Dress - I'm disappointed with's not as pretty in person in my opinion.
I also love, love, love the Swinging Sweethart Dress - great picks Nat, and by the way I've missed your posts!

Lauren said...

*jaw drop* The Bamboo Garden Dress is STUNNING! I never wear yellow, but I think I'm going to have to make an exception.

I'm definitely going to be purchasing the Drifting By Dress in the next few days, I just hope that the color doesn't wash me out. Also, I'm loving the Swinging Sweetheart dress. I saw it in person a couple of days ago and it is lovely.

J. said...

That Bamboo Garden dress looks lovely. I absolutely adore the shoulders!

Alicia (likely badger) said...

You and I are always picking the same dresses :) I say great minds think alike!

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

They all are so pretty! I don't think I've ever found an ugly anything from Anthropologie!