Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~New Tattoo Idea Thanks To Anthropologie Pillows~(Worth Reading)

Needlepoint Pillow, Left Tree $98
A rolling countryside is stitched on the front of this plush headrest, while the back spells out "spoken words fly away" in Latin. Create a pretty sofa scene by pairing it with its right tree counterpart.

"Verba Volant"

A rolling countryside is stitched on the front of this plush headrest, while the back spells out "written words stay" in Latin. Create a pretty sofa scene by pairing it with its left tree counterpart.

"Scripta Manent"

I Already have a latin phrase tattooed on my inner right wrist that says, Quod Me Nutruit, Me Destruit...which Translates into, " What Nourishes me, Destroys Me".

Now I have Two new Latin Phrases I want on the left arm now...or maybe one phrase on my left of my body somewhere and the other on my right.

The Left: Verba Volant "Spoken Words Fly Away"

The Right: Scripta Manent "Written Words Stay"

I Vant Kat Von D to do it....Funny I didn't think I'd get so seriously profoundly inspired by Two Anthropologie Pillows Before..


What do you all think? And if you like it, where should I place them?

The Two Must Have Skirts Of The Season..

My Two favorite Skirt Picks For fall Anthro

Snow Flower Skirt $148 Knitted & Knotted spin a field of soft ivory sweaterknit, all abloom with chiffon floribundas.

Always A Lady Skirt $148 Lacy scallops peek from softer-than-soft sweaterknit, covered from end to end with painted and appliqued impatiens. A BO by Beaux design.

The detail on both of these sweater skirts astounds me, I must have them!!

Flight-Of-Swans Dress by Twinkle by Wenlan

Flight-Of-Swans Dress $298

A feathered flock seems to be resting atop clouds on this winterweight frock, preparing to take off from the pleated bodice and flouncy A-line skirt. From Twinkle by Wenlan.

From Twinkele's WebSite

This dress has amazing detail...

Wish I could afford this one now, I'm in-love with swans, and lovebirds, and ravens...and all birds really :)
I'll wait for sale mark-down, but it's a lovely winter-white dress...and as an owner of Twinkle's clothing, I recommend it.

Cozy Trio Cardi

Cozy Trio Cardi $128
Wear Sparrow's wooly delight three different ways - keep it open, button one shoulder or button both - for three equally toasty looks.




I love Sparrow More and More all the time...And I Love This Cardi In all colors... especially Red

Into-The-Woods Dress IRL (Ebay Win)

Into-The-Woods Dress
Full-skirted silk depicts a haunting ivory forest, as a sweep of black mesh mimics passing rainclouds above. A Plenty by Tracy Reese design.

I adore it, My Dad doesen't like it, My Mom Thinks it's nice...I frolicked in it today...Here's some bad photo's

What do you all think honestly? I know it needs some styling, like tights and heels and a nicer up-do...but I want to know your opinions...please?

Amelie Sofa, Fathoms....I Vant This More Than Anything..

Amelie Sofa, Fathoms 3,498
A sinuous deep-sea dweller slinks across our firstborn sofa, rendered in intricate crewelwork by Parisian artist Nathalie Lete. Carved ocean flowers garland the ebony wood frame.

Striped Kilim Sofa

Striped Kilim Sofa 2,498
The clean lines and single seat construction of this sofa is offset by its wonderfully vibrant upholstery. Covered from end to end in rugs spun from the finest silk and cotton yarns, this unique piece is a breathtaking display of color and texture.


Evoke a bit of childhood whimsy at your next fete with the clever ceramic stylings of Trey Speegle, whose rendering of a paint-by-number pattern creates a visual feast to suit any palate. $12.00

Paint-By-Number Dessert Plate, Captivating

Paint-By-Number Dessert Plate, Honest

Paint-By-Number Dessert Plate, Complete

Paint-By-Number Dessert Plate, Tender

Paint-By-Number Dessert Plate, Chivalrou...

As an Artist you know I love this sort of thing. If you haven't already viewed my paintings click here...and they're for sale :)

God That Is Gorgeous Too!

Pockets-A-Plenty Scarf $88 A wee knit bird beckons you to slip your trinkets into the many nooks and crannies of this cotton wrap. By Moth.

A Wee Bird!