Thursday, August 27, 2009

Presenting The Gallery at

Anthropologie now features an art gallery on thier website in the At Home section, I am loving this new feature because I myself am a painter to see my work click here

The gallery is now featuring work from the artist Nathalie Lete...
and the really neat thing is it's all for sale.


Anonymous said...

I love how Anthropologie keeps introducing new designers and what cool pieces of art.

Natalie, your paintinga are absolutely beautiful! You are extremely talented. I think Anthro needs to feature you on their website. =)
Do you paint live models or just go by an image you have in mind?
~ Athena

Anthropologie Addict: Natalie Sharar said...

Thanks Athena! although I don't think I'm whimsical enough for anthro's taste...I paint mostly live models...and some of them are from photo's..

Anonymous said...

You're welcome!
I just think that's so cool what you do. I admire the artistic ability of painters and people who can draw/sketch. All I can draw are stick figures. :P

Zoe said...

Ok I need some help, desperately! And I trust your opinion because you have such fabulous taste... I LOVE your blog!! Anyway I want to buy some boots from anthro (but I have to order them online which means I can't try them on first). I can't decide between the Winding Ruffle Boots or the Tawny Acres Boots. Help! Which ones do you like better? Have you tried either pair on? Have you seen them in person? Thanks :)