Tuesday, July 28, 2009

August 2009 Catalog

For Our August 2009 edition, we photographed what inspires us...

Real People

Real Places


Paris :

Texture Study Dress $148

Tessera Necklace $80 Silk-cloaked beads host a shimmering copse of metallic medallions

Crushed Petiole Blouse $198

Fluttering Pencil Skirt $158

Short & Long Sweater Vest $98

Boucle Cape $148 Soft ivory wool is sculpted into a sweeping silhouette and finished with two rows of fabric-covered buttons. By Fleur Wood.

Bengal Stripe Skirt $148 Wide bands of rich cognac and pale stone circle this flouncy mini from Corey Lynn Calter.

Furrowed Fields Bag $178

Revalations Skirt $98 Rich colors make themselves known from soft pleats of sweaterknit. By Viola.

Tumbling Ruffles Sweater $98 A frilly avalanche of voile cascades down Guinevere's soft pullover.

Herringbone Wrap Coat $298

Water & Roses Dress $148

Mellifluous Collar $158 Smooth-as-honey silk drips from a chain of glass pearls.

Jacquard Sweater Tank $148 Moonlit strands of metallic thread cast ethereal light upon the floral appliques that top Charlie & Robin's pullover.

Diaphanous Tunic $88 Raw-edged ruffles tumble down a lengthy swath of lighter-than-air chiffon. By Project Alabama.

Distant Constellation Boots $428 Tiny metallic studs glint from cranberry leather like beacons in the night sky. By Frye.

Atelier Chesterfield $5,998 Like a relic from a grand library, the deeply tufted seat on this flaxen, top-grain leather sofa is so cushy you'll be tempted to wile the day away with a stack of clothbound books. Hand-pleated arms and nail head trim add a tome's worth of scholarly charm.

Delineation Wedges $148 Suede piping traces a wayward course atop Miss Albright's bow-tied platforms.

Havana Sweatercoat $198 A sketched street scene, adorned with cranberry cuffs, inverted pleats and fabric-covered buttons. By Sleeping On Snow.

Narration Booties $168 Miss Albright begins her tale with a soft shaft of tumbled leather and a slender stacked heel. The plot thickens with the entrance of menswear tassels and a bashful bow. How will this story end? Only you can tell...

Lorraine Headboard, Ikat $1,998

New York :

Leather Moto Zip $248

Emerald Estuary Tunic $78 A ruffled neckline tumbles into a sea of soft, asymmetrically hemmed silk. By Jonesy.

Buoyont Chiffon Blouse $98

Brona Sweater Dress $128

Storm of Shapes Dress $158

Adorations Curtain $198

Gathering Green Bag $228

Twined Branches Cardigan $128

Collected Memories Mirror $698

London :
Sky Bridge Dress $158

Myriad Sweater Skirt $138

Settling Petals Cardi $168

Avenues-Of-Lace Blouse $98

This-Way That-Way Cardigan $118

Lightworks Tank $98

Angles Awry Cardigan $148

Geometric Sweater $198

Eltham Crops $118

Most Amazing Coat!!

Elimovna Coat $298

Crisp Air Sweater Vest $98

Tiers Of Goldenrod Dress $138

Diaphanous Tunic $88

Suzani Rug $248

I'm awestruck, I think this months feature is brilliant. All the new apparel is extremly fashion forward and yet pieces are whimsical , staying true to Anthro...What do you think?

I hope everyone who reads this blog gets a kick out of this post...It took me the whole day to find it for you first!


Anonymous said...

i'm impressed! how did you get these so early??

Natalie Rose said...

I had to be Tech savvy

AL said...

whoah. . . that is good.

MeggyD said...

Wow, good stuff. Really good. I'm in love with the necklace in on the model wearing the Texture Study Dress (first dress). Is that in the Fall line-up?? I must have it...

Natalie Rose said...

To MeggyD- I know That Necklace is lovely isn't it? It is in the Catalog..It's the Tessera Necklace, I updated the post for you and put a link to the necklace..

AphroChic said...

I absolutely love the idea of photographing real people in anthro clothing. Just lovely! Can't wait to get mine in the mail.

renie said...

lovely! it's like the sartorialist meets anthro. so excited to get my copy in the mail. :)

F i F i's P o o H said...

Wow.... love them...and I can see myself wearing Elimovna Coat and Diaphanous Tunic this Fall!! Also, the jacket (or coat or long cardi) that the girl's wearing (the one that paired with Diaphanous Tunic) in the last pic caught my eyes, are there any more info about that?

OT: I just check the new arrival and found the Wrapped-In-Ruffles cardi is so adorable, I did order it (even though, it's back order), can't wait to see in real life.

Jenifer said...

Thanks very much!! They have just now posted the items under new arrivals and I've placed my order.. These items are fabulous and I know they will sell out quickly!! I got the puckered & pleated cardigan (gold), the diaphanous tunic (ivory), the settling petals cardigan (grey), and the tessara necklace.. These are all items I know I will get a lot of compliments on.. Thanks so much for posting this beautiful catalog.. There went my budget!!

Natalie Rose said...

Your Very Welcome Jen~ I'm happy you enjoyed...
I wish I had a budget to spend on clothes this month! I'm jealous of you! Of course I don't have any money when Anthro comes out with my dream line..I really really want that elimovna coat.

jacquelyn said...

That Viola sweater skirt is almost identical to one I saw in the store a couple of years ago. Interesting.

I am loving some of the shoes. More money gone there. I also like one of the sweater skirts.

marie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I agree, this is the best fall 2009 catalog I've seen so far ... a la the Sartorialist. You've set yourself apart from the pack, Anthro, lovely and unique items. My fall budget goes to you!

Anonymous said...

Hot damn - so many gorgeous pieces!!
Fall/Winter clothing at Anthropologie is my absolute favorite! Too bad it doesn't get cold enough here in TX until December.
I guess I need to re-think my wishlist now, haha.

Thanks so much for posting this! I love how Anthro went with "real" people as their models. I hope my catalog comes soon!
~ Athena

Shannon said...

Anthro in Paris!? Ack, it's too perfect. Must.. have.. everything. Thanks for the pics!!

Sandrine said...

W-O-W!In my opinion this is the most beautiful catalog since a while. And I absolutely adhere to the idea of featuring items on real peoples in the street. Bravo Anthro! And thank you Nathalie for this post!! Now I will have to buy more clothes again...

Bren said...

Thanks Nathalie for posting this catalog. I'm glad to see regular people wear these clothes for once in a catalog. The pieces are gorgeous!:) Only thing is I won't be able to wear none of these because I'm moving to a tropical location. Bummer.

Kim said...

Wow, thanks for posting the catalog Natalie!! I'm loving the pictures/idea behind it this month. There are some beautiful pieces. I'm heading to the store tonight - I hope some of it's in the store.

odessa said...

hello, i'm new here. thanks for posting the pics, i'm so in love with this catalog...in love with anthro, so will be back visiting here for sure.

also, i hope you don't mind that i posted some of the pics in my blog. thanks again!

MeggyD said...

Thanks Natalie Rose!! I am going to keep my eye and that necklace and get it soon...I just love it.

Anabel said...

Hello!! I´m from Spain and i need this catalog(and july´s catalog too) in paper!! It´s so pretty.
Can you help me, please?
This is my e-mail:fieltromania@hotmail.com

Natalie Rose said...

Anabel: You can most likely find them on ebay

Anabel said...

Thanks so much, Natalie!!

Pauline said...

Thank you for this post! I have a copy of this catalog and saved it as inspiration for my engagement photo shoot. I posted some of the photos on my blog and have linked it back to your website. Let me know if you prefer more specific credit.