Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anna Sui for Anthropologie

Today in the new dresses section I noticed a few new Anna Sui items and thought they were lovely, which made me know, alot of her stuff for Anthro is quite lovely...I should post...

Called a designer that "never panders" by The New York Times, Anna Sui continues to design and manufacture her signature Anna Sui Collection in her New York City headquarters. Her runway shows continue to set trends and inspire designers everywhere.

Today, her patchwork-boudoir aesthetic is instantly recognizable in her clothing. Think Biba-era London, rock-and-roll Victoriana, floppy hats, Empire-line flou, and peacock feathers—all atop the perfect pair of tough-chick boots.

Tracery Tunic $198 A million sun-filled windowpanes, depicted in the softest hues against the softest silk. An Anna Sui for Anthropologie design.

Am I crazy for loving this dress???? I really really do! The silk print and skirt are so breathtaking...I just can't tell if i'm crazy for loving the dress with a neckline like this.. I thought maybe i could just unbutton it half-way. Thoughts?

Pepper Plant Dress $198 A shift silhouette full of geometric leaves of embroidered eyelet. By Anna Sui for Anthropologie.

Scholar's Garden Dress $198 Geometrically printed and textured cotton-silk is rife with chinoiserie flora and contemplative medallions. By Anna Sui for Anthropologie.

Hidden Grove Dress (sale)$99.95 Wild violets flourish on an untouched field of silky cotton, all the way from the tied halter neckline to the flowy hem. By Anna Sui for Anthropologie.

This dress was surprisingly ( to me ) really stunning and flattering when i tired it on in-store

Poppy Bouquet Tank $158 A wisp of crinkled chiffon, tied together with wide ribbons of lace. By Anna Sui for Anthropologie.

Spring Rain Skirt A deluge of leaf-green blossoms accented with pops of gentle fuchsia fall upon rows of flirty ruffles. By Anna Sui for Anthropologie.

Fenced Garden Skirt Between black borders of rickrack and pickets, a yard of colorful flora thrives. From Anna Sui for Anthropologie.

Size Guide For Anna Sui Courtesy of Roxy over at Effortless Anthropologie : True to size in tops, dresses. 1 size up in bottoms.
What are your favorite pieces? would you wear any of them?


Anonymous said...

I just found out that Anna Sui will be the next designer for the Target Go International line coming out in September. It says it was styled after Gossip Girls (which I don't really care about), but take a peek!

I'm going Anthropologie shopping today!
Have a good one ~

Natalie Rose said...

Yeah I had read about this but I haven't seen the pictures of the line. Thanks for the link. I must say I liked it-for a target line..she's amazing..My favorites were "blair" I suppose I may be checking out target in the fall...I read that Alexander McQueen also did a line for target...I guess it launched in march. But i havent been to target in awhile.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.
I agree, most of my favorites were "Blair" too.
I managed to get a pair of black cropped pants from the McQ line when they were on clearance. Some of the GO International lines have some great pieces whereas some of the clothes aren't worth the (cheaper) price. I'll definitely be checking out Anna Sui...I just love her.
~ Athena